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Chic and comfortable are synonyms for heavenly embodiments of home décor and furnishing as Rug and Carpets. The word carpet (Medieval English, ‘carpete’) basically means cloth covering for a table, floor, bed, etc. Later, it evolved as a thickly woven decorative material which is normally intended as a floor covering. With a little difference, a rug is a simple textile floor covering. However, it lacks a carpet’s volume and plush nature. The word rug originates from Scandinavian ‘rǫgg’. With a bit of a flavor of history in the description, Rugandcarpet.org aims towards sparing some useful information and knowledgeable facts regarding carpets and rugs. Around 5th or 4th millennium BC, floor covering such as floor rugs or floor carpets started to be a common article in homes of western Asiatic locations. Although they were first woven in central and western Asia to cover earthy floors, rugs and carpets were also seen in the form of blankets, saddle covers, storage bags, tent doorways, and tomb covers. Depending on the requirement or nearly any setting, there are many prominent types of carpets woven.


The following are the various carpet types depending upon the weaving style:

Level Loop- ‘Level Loop’ carpets are known as such because they are made for high traffic zones. Especially as home carpet they are made of loops which are of same height. In addition, similar height loops, leaving them uncut, brings out a leveled and an enduring surface which is tougher towards wear and tear. Moreover, tracing marks on the carpet surface as a result of walking or vacuuming is not an issue.

Cut and Loop- Another type which is very popular for domestic usage purposes is, ‘Cut and Loop’. Also known as ‘Multi-level Loop’, it actually consists of unique heights of loops with uneven cuts to create a distinct pattern of texture and look. It is recommended for low traffic zones as this type of carpet is prone to tracing marks. It is a softer yet luxuriant version of carpet as a meticulous artwork.

Saxony- “Saxony carpet” is believably known as carpets from a popular carpet manufacturer. Such is theArea rug, shag rug, round rug, oriental rug, Contemporary rugs, kitchen rugs, bathroom rugs, modern rugs, carpet tiles, carpet industry, Wool carpets, Carpet manufacturers, Carpet types, Nylon carpets, high rugs, Spot Rug Cleaner, large rugs, braided rug recognition of this name that it acts as a synonym for quality and glamour. Therefore, many other brands introduce the same quality carpets by this prestigious name. However, this term is used when a carpet is required with a ‘cut loop pile’. ‘Cut loop pile’ means that when loops in a carpet are woven they are mowed to bring out a carpet with a tufted, even surface. Saxony carpets are usually spun in a very dense manner to provide a cushiony and elegant feel. Thus, it is a dream choice for every home to possess one Saxony carpet in action as a floor carpet. It actually transforms the look of an informal looking room to a sophisticated and uppity set-up.

There are other classifications of carpets like one below. This is based on the type of fiber used in the carpet or rug. Many carpet manufacturers make an easy affair for carpet buyers to understand the product they wish to purchase. It becomes quite simpler to distinguish between same articles with the help of their constituents.

Wool- A timeless expensive ones, wool carpet and wool rug have had many avatars since their inception 8000 years ago. Persian rug and traditional Oriental rug made from 100% wool fibers can be bought in all ranges of colors and style. They can also be purchased as a meticulous blend of synthetic and natural fibers. They are even fancied as wall-to-wall carpet. Such models may be less expensive than the above discussed since many feel that this fusion lessens the advantages of wool. Interestingly, wool as a fiber has a quality to trap dust particles and is stain resistant.

Silk- Silk is a high tensile fiber with a smooth luster. This beautiful and natural fiber results into marvelous silk carpets in varied shades of colors. Especially oriental rugs are a usual exploit. Such floor rug is backed with a cotton foundation but some may have silk foundation too. Aforesaid silk carpets are a favorite in dry yet soft and even terrains. Although these require a high maintenance, they are luxurious darlings as an area rug.


Jute- Not just used in yoga mats but as a home carpet too, jute carpets are always seen as a major player in a rug sale. They are a usual substitute for a cheap rug as compared to commercial carpets, silk or wool carpet. A versatile one, jute is splendidly woven into various patterns for perfect area or accent rugs. Other than this, jute can be knitted, twisted, corded, sewn, or braided.

Synthetic fibers- Nylon carpets serve as one of the best options for a new carpet. Known for its durability and rough and tough usage, they are usually preferred as large rug or outdoor rugs. Polyester carpets also stand up to a lot of wear and tear. In fact, due to a lot of floor traffic, they are a number one choice for runner rugs. Carpeting hallways by synthetic carpets is usually seen as a profitable trend in various hotels and professional setups.

Modern rugs and carpets have evolved through vast changes and have reflected respective fashions on their surface. They are responsible for cozy moments transforming any space beautifully with innovation and ease. Nevertheless, keeping such beauties intact and cleaning them is also an important task for their endurance. Apart from vacuuming, an appropriate carpet cleaner would be handy. Be it a round rug, runner rug, kitchen rug, shag rug, bathroom rug or be your best carpet, one should not mistakenly combine the cleaners for rugs and carpets.

One of the main features about carpeting is to how to clean it. The following are the different types of carpet cleaners:

Steam Cleaner- Also known as ‘Steamvac’, steam cleaner utilizes a method of emitting tiny steam particles combined with a cleaning solution, onto the carpet. Brushes and hose attached with the device help loosen grim and clear off soiled particles.

Carpet Shampoo- Another widely optimized choice, carpet shampoo is applied to the carpet surface through hand or machine and later scrubbed to remove dirt particles which range from eco-friendly ones to special formula shampoos. Special carpet shampoos are enemies to mildew, mold, and pet odors etc. In addition, it is advised to follow the given instructions for every specific shampoo practiced.

Professional Carpet Cleaner- When every option fails discussed above, then one should sense the time for a professional cleaning of your home carpet. Professional cleaners may use the above techniques or more advanced methods too. However, it may have benefits of drying up quickly, fewer chemicals used as a carpet cleaner.

Various methods for rug cleaning are as follows:

Powders: Powder type cleaners are to be sprinkled on the rug surface for approximately 15 minutes. Intriguingly, the powder based solvent attracts dust and grimace out of the rug. Since powder is already a dry agent so it doesn’t need any drying time. Moreover, many powders are perfume based including ‘brighteners’ too. Brighteners are some clever things which create sheen on the rug surface.

Foam- There are two prominent foam types for domestic and professional purpose. The home foam is mixed with water to create a solvent which is sprayed on the rug surface. Once it dries up, the powder-turned foam is vacuumed. On the other hand, professional foam type is applied with a machine and brushed intensely. This efficiently cleans up the dirt particles like crumbs, and dust, etc. set in the carpet or rug.

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Bonnet Cleaning- Bonnet cleaner is a type of rug cleaner which is a heavy-duty absorbent pad. Actually, it uses a spin pad which is fastened with a low paced rotary brush. The pad is soaked with the cleaning agent which is rotated against the surface. This rapid rotating action helps in collecting dirt but doesn’t let it penetrate deep into the fabric. Ideal for long loop or high rugs.

Spot Rug Cleaner- Spot rug cleaners are specially formulated for smaller stains. Such aerosol sprays are applied directly and aptly dried.

Shampoo and Steam Cleaning- These two methods are almost the same as mentioned above for carpet cleaning.

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